Find Financial Peace In Your LifeWith a simple system for budgeting and tracking finances, see exactly how much you are saving each month and track everything in one place.
The Basic Workflow
Distribute money into categories
Categories are treated as funds with real money. No made up numbers — if a category has a positive balance, you know you have cash on hand to spend.
Categorize transactions
Stay in touch with your spending by categorizing each transaction. You can view all your spending by looking at the budget.
Review your spending
Check your budget to get a quick glance of how you’re spending. If necessary, quickly move around money to make up for overspending, or start a new budget for a new month. Find whatever workflow fits your lifestyle.
Click below to learn more about the basic workflow and how Actual compares to other apps.
PrivacyActual is a local app and your data exists on your machine. Your data is completely private by default.
SyncingSeamlessly sync data between devices without ever thinking about it. If used, we only store a limited amount of your data and will use end-to-end encryption in the future.
Track EverythingView all your financial information in one place: checkings and savings, credit cards, investment accounts, and more.
Envelope BudgetingA robust budgeting system tells you exactly where your money is going
Mobile AppCheck your budget on the go and categorize transactions while you're waiting in line
Importing TransactionsFull support for QIF, OFX, and QFX files, and automatic transaction downloading coming soon
Clean User InterfaceBuilt from the ground up to be as effortless and relaxing as possible
ReportsGet a quick overview of your net worth, spending, and more
FlexibleYou don't have to live by a bunch of rules. Find a workflow that works for you
Start saving money now! Actual is a free app so don’t worry about pulling out your credit card.
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