Syncing across devices
Your data is not stored in the cloud. It can never be analyzed, mined for data, or sold to a third party. In both mobile and desktop apps, it is always stored locally on your device and we don't have access to it. Your privacy is a huge priority.
This has other positive benefits. Your data is always completely available, even if you are offline. It also opens up many features like advanced custom reporting and unlimited API access.
However, most likely you want to sync a budget with another device (your mobile device, your significant other's, an ipad, or anything else). To allow sharing data across devices, we offer a service that enables syncing. View all available plans
This service only tracks recent transaction history and never has full access to your data. Additionally, in the future it will be stored encrypted in a way that we can't even read it.
Setting up syncing
Subscribing or logging in
First, you need to subscribe to the service. You do this within the app itself by clicking the the "Subscribe!" button in the top right. If you already have an account, this is where you log in as well.
Opening settings
Once you've subscribed, open the settings page by clicking the gear icon beside the budget name.
Syncing a new device
On the settings page, click "Sync device" and a QR code will appear. In the mobile app, tap "Get Started" if this your first budget and it will open a camera. Point it at the QR code and it will immediately load the budget from the desktop and and set it to be automatically synced from then on. Make sure your devices are on the same network.
After you do the initial sync, you don't have to worry about being on the same network. They will always sync from then on through our service.
If you have problems with syncing the future, you can go into "Advanced" in the settings on the mobile app and do another full local sync with the desktop app again. This will set up a fresh sync between devices.
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