You'll save hundreds of dollars by tracking your spending. See for yourself with a 30-day free trial.For just $4/month you get access to desktop and mobile apps with seamless syncing of your data. All we need is your email to start your 30-day free trial, no credit card required.
Available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS (Android coming soon)
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I automatically download transactions?Not yet but this is literally the next big feature we are going to launch.
Do you have a web app?There are no plans for a web app right now. We think keeping your data local and syncing across devices is not only more robust (it works regardless of your network connection), but gives you the ultimate privacy.
Where is my data stored?Your data by default is stored locally on your device. It's always available offline, and it can never be analyzed, mined for data, or sold to a third party. If you use syncing, we store changes on our servers with 256-bit AES encryption. We are working towards end-to-end encryption.
Why a subscription?A subscription model is the only sustainable approach for an actively developed product. Not only does it buy our syncing service (and in the future, downloading transactions), but it funds continual active development of the project. We want this to be around for a long time.
Where do I go for support?Please email for general questions and support!