The Biggest Update Yet: Payees, Linux, and So Much More

May 6, 2019


I’m super excited to launch the biggest update to Actual yet. Available today, this update provides a way to assign payees to transactions automatically, and optionally a default category. It also provides a powerful interface for cleaning up past payees, merging them together and managing matching rules for them.

Cleaning up your transactions has never felt so satisfying.

When importing transactions, it will try to match the imported payees against all of the rules, and if anything matches it will automatically assign the matching payee and its default category (if one is set).

The above interface also showcases a new user experience for editing data. Enter and shift-enter now move up and down, and pressing Alt with arrow keys no longer moves around. This removes conflict with native keybindings in text inputs.

If a dropdown is open and you’ve selected an item, pressing Enter will select the item and close the dropdown instead of moving down. If you press Enter again it will then move down. This selecting/moving behavior provides a very natural experience for editing and moving around.


The new payees dropdown is shown above. I clearly haven’t managed payees very well as there are several duplicate ones — but it’s easy to merge them together!

I’m also happy to announce an experimental build for Linux. Go try it out today!

There are tons of other fixes and UX improvements as well, check out:

Give Actual a try today, especially if you’ve tried it before but were missing these features. This update lays the groundwork the next major release which I’m especially excited about: automatic transaction downloading and custom reports. More to come this summer.

In case you missed it, Actual is on reddit now. Please give feedback on this release there!

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